Futuro Local––––––

(LOCAL FUTURE) 2015 – 2100

LOCAL unites Chilean designers who manufacture locally, creating a new model of entrepreneurship, integration and economy. LOCAL’s vision is open, and does not just influence local design. LOCAL is a long-term project, and has a vision for the future, unlike many others. The need arose to value the products of Chilean brands specializing in manufacture and design, creating a representative figure in this area. On April 11th the first local meeting was held at IF Blanco Recoleta, an old factory in Santiago. This meeting produced dialogue between creators, producers, and the target market of LOCAL group brands.

This intervention arose from an invitation from the LOCAL team to express and spread the values of this extensive project. The second floor of IF Blanco Recoleta was transformed into FUTURO LOCAL: a time bank and a future forecast. This floor is divided on 18 spaces, where each space represents 5 years. 18 spaces add to 90 years, and 18 milestones are a chain of events. Ultimately, 90 years are a long-term project. FUTURO LOCAL is not a utopia project; it is an approximation of the impact LOCAL will have. This is an invitation to walk freely through this pavilion of time that contains 90 years of vision.

18 milestones for the LOCAL community
5 years in each space
90 years of long-term vision


First LOCAL meeting, a group of 27 Chilean entrepreneurs.

LOCAL participants are a strong community, growing exponentially. They do not compete, they share. Designers know and help each other; work is joint. People feel that the economy does not work for them anymore.

LOCAL echoes, and dialogues with other, similar communities in Latin America. Independent businesses and stores generate more and more jobs. The global logic of capitalism reaches a terminal stage and begins to deteriorate, though the damage is described as systemic.

People make lists of their favorite local businesses. We realize that we ourselves are capital, and is the people that make a place. Alternative economies develop as a mechanism for healthy survival and a form of protest.

Spending locally is a widespread habit. LOCAL establishes a new type of business. We stop being consumers and we become citizens.

We identify and maximize all the resources and potential of Chile. LOCAL is no longer exclusively a design project, now there are Chilean entrepreneurs from more diverse areas and disciplines.

Amid the exponential growth of global debt and the acceleration of climate change, LOCAL sustains itself with a “skills bank” providing services to the community, where processes work together in harmony and production times are increasingly efficient.

Small-scale sales grow, retailers are more flexible and the stock of locally made products grows. These advantages are acknowledged by all citizens.

We no longer speak of “I”, we say “we”. Local businesses extend their roots throughout communities where everyone participates in key decisions that form society and the local environment.

Our relationships are no longer vertical. We have completely entered a dimension of horizontal relationships, of a binding and social nature.

LOCAL has democratized the access to entrepreneurship for thousands of people; it is a tool that helps people. We work in cooperatives. There is a multiplier effect and the economy regains its vitality.

LOCAL affects culture; we meet friends outside stores and in new public spaces. Chile leads social cohesion rankings.

“Made in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Mexico” are no longer ubiquitous. Expensive advertising campaigns cede to word-of-mouth reputation.

We participate locally and gain longevity. Communal life is established and consolidates better health for all. We eat better, we know where our food comes from, we know who produces it.

One of the most highly anticipated moments: we re-imagine our currency. LOCAL believes that dialogue is our main tool for understanding and transforming the way in which we work with money.

There is a legacy, a robust economy which is also sustainable and resistant. It is a system of communal exchange. A system of mutual credit which supports not only the exchange of goods and services, but community relations too.

Instead of price tags, we have the coin of loyalty and reciprocity which is used alongside cash. This is another type of progress: here happiness is on the rise.

This is our long-term vision, this is our goal. Our vision was local. The future is local.



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