La Unión

La Unión is a lived experience and a chain of “fiestas” and dance parties with therapeutic elements. The element of dance injects vitality to the bodies of the participants. Each event is divided into five different stages where different cognitive skills are stimulated. An experience where the joy and pleasure of being together is the maximum goal for the celebrating crowd. It is a celebration that collapses all divisions created and imposed by colonialism and the West.

It is a community of non-professional dancers in an inclusive place without prejudices where notions of freedom, body consciousness and collective consciousness are explored. La Unión evokes a feeling of unity and connection, through the multitude that dances. It is a place where individual identities connect to construct a collective identity greater than the sum of their parts, and a place where we can be freed from traces of repression. It seeks to transform exhausted bodies into affective bodies, reactivating the affective dimension, which allows the reconstruction of emotional solidarity. These celebrations were open, and several communities and social organizations that don’t belong to the art world were invited in order to put on genuinely democratic events, and work with bodies that experience real fatigue and damage from the lives they lead.

Stage 1 – Editions 1-2, Casa Parque Villaseca, Santiago, Chile.
Stage 2 – Editions 3-5, Espacios Revelados (Plaza Brasil, Parque de los Reyes and MMDH Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos) Santiago, Chile.
Stage 3 – Editions 6-7, Centro de Creación y Residencia NAVE, Santiago, Chile.
Stage 4 – Editions 8-11, Revuelo, Concepción, Chile.

La Unión Nº7 at Sala Negra, Centro de Creación y Residencia NAVE

La Unión Nº6 at Azotea, Centro de Creación y Residencia NAVE

La Unión Nº1 at Casa Parque Villaseca

La Unión Nº11 in Chiguayante, Concepción

Collaborators: Xoana Baz, Ana Corbalán, Luis Corvalán, Cristina Gómez Penna, Daniela González-Díaz, Moisés Hazan, Sofía Hott, Benedicto López, Matías Ulloa, Sandra Araya, Joaquín Juricic and Andrés Zanetta.
Photos: Isabel Baeza, Vale Hofmann and José Arroyo
Video by Christian Chierego
Special Guest: Casa de la Mujer de Huamachuco Renca
Supporters: Fundación América and Fundación Honra

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