Efecto-Afecto (Affect-Effect) is an open system that unlocks and activates affection. By putting the necessary conditions in place, it establishes a lived experience where there is the potential to initiate affection. The system is designed with the aim of invigorating one’s life force; seeking to rehabilitate affection and bring a deeper understanding of our capacity to affect others and, in turn, be affected. 

The system is nudist and helps the body let go of its inhibitions. It continues in the legacy of using nudity as a form of therapy, taken from the many explorations within the field of psychology, as well as health reforms made in the twentieth century.

At the same time, the project centres on how architecture has the power to affect us cognitively. With this in mind, Efecto-Afecto consists of a set of exercises and tools that construct a specific setting. Users experiment with the use of space, music, movement and light as well as temperature. All of these affect and generate changes in both the space and bodies.


The promotional material of Affect-Effect is a brochure and folding poster. This includes all the information about the project and a call for the open sessions that took place in the Centro de Residencias Artísticas Matadero Madrid. Inside was one of the project mottos: “Giving Is A Form Of [Transference] Knowledge”.

*This project was part of E.M.M.A. (Experimenting Methods and Means in Arts), an annual roaming program for artistic research and it was curated by Veronica Valentini. The 2018’s edition was named “Mystery of Love” and it took place at Centro de Residencias Artísticas Matadero Madrid in Madrid, Spain. At the same time, Efecto-Afecto was kindly supported by AANUMA Asociación de Amigos del Nudismo de Madrid.

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