Set & Setting

Affect-Effect is also a set of tools, comprised of six meditations and body and perception exercises (open scores), along with a charge platform and a user guide. With these elements, the users are invited to construct a setting for 1, 2 and up to 4 bodies to explore diverse sensations and stimuli, as well as developing creativity and imagination. The users experiment with the use of space, music, light, and temperature and observe how this can generate changes in the physical space and carry their bodies to different states of vibration. Every action on the charge platform, and every interaction between the bodies has a reaction and an effect. This is not a call for self-restraint, but instead to let yourself go in each exercise and experience how we can consciously affect. Photos by Bego Solís.

The Affect-Effect set includes: 1. Charge platform, 2. Set of blankets, 3. Brochure, 4. Guide to Exercises (posters). With these tools, users can construct a setting. The six exercises, as well as any part of the set, are a suggestion for possible ways to explore this system. The users can let their imagination carry them to create their own versions and adapt each exercise to the necessities of each couple, with or without the charge platform. Users are invited to create a setting and experiment with the possibilities of use, creatively organising stimuli such as: 1. Sound and music, 2. Lighting, 3. Temperature, 4. Modification of the physical space, 5. Use of props, 6. Time of use. Users are also invited to experiment with chance and improvisation.


The project was launched on the 27th of November at the Centro de Residencias Artísticas Matadero Madrid with a public demonstration of how to use the Affect-Effect system. Each session requires the use of diverse stimuli, various technical requirements and the sessions are not documented. However, this demonstration was documented, to give better audience access and to promote the project to future users. This demonstration featured the special participation of performers Jesús Bravo and Javier Rosa. Photos by Bego Solís.

Open Sessions

Two open sessions took place over two days, two-hour-long sessions for two bodies (pre-existing couples and pairs of strangers who were willing to meet and experiment) in the Centro de Residencias Artísticas Matadero Madrid. These sessions were private and took place in a closed space, without documentation (no cameras or phones) and were closed to the general public. Due to interest expressed by users, the project was then taken to various domestic spaces, with the aim of privately trying the set. In some cases, the experiences were assisted and guided, and in others, the participants activated the set with the help of the user guide.

“When great experiences transform you and heal you. Thanks.”


“ After having seen an Efecto-Afecto demonstration here in Madrid I immediately wanted to attend a session myself. The beauty, the silence, the visible connection between the performers both mentally and physically, the serenity.”


“I experienced a silence in my head that I had not felt in a long time. The session gave me tranquility and a total freedom feeling. I felt relaxed and free.”


"... a feeling of strong connection with the other person. I experienced a lot of desire and pleasure, especially in the beginning. Then this desire was transformed into the existence of this place and this moment... My hands and arms were always active during the session. Affection always present. So much tenderness."


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