The Great Arousal
Campaign on the streets

Athens has a strong tradition of using posters as a way of promoting ideas, products, and political manifestos. A 2.000-poster campaign used this language to position the body and desire in pre-existing discussions taking place across thousands of posters and graffiti covering the city. The campaign sought to create a discussion around how aggressive the capitalist system can be, and how damaging for our most intimate lives.

The project focused on the activation of the rooftops of Athens: the erogenous zone of the urban body. These have a particular typology, a semi-public space, immersed in the city but giving access to a total view of it, the temples, hills and surrounding landscape. They have the potential to be re-thought for new uses, as they allow us to inhabit a horizontal, unexplored dimension of the city, in which terraces can partially interconnect. The rooftops are understood as a space of charge. The project constructs new images of sensual fantasies, activating the rooftops of the city as a potential place to love and for connection. 

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