The Great Arousal

It has been almost 10 years of austerity measures and a financial strangulation driven by the capitalist system in Greece. The research I undertook in Athens firstly concentrated on the impact of the financial crisis on the affective and sexual lives of the population. I was able to identify a significant decline in desire and libido, caused by a high rate of depression and an increase in affective-emotional pathologies. This national preoccupation around money has also caused specific sectors of society to irrevocably link it to other aspects of daily life – in this case, a “Greek Default” that associates money (financial status) with sexual capacities.

The Great Arousal is the mass distribution of an idea: a call to occupy interconnectedly the rooftops of the city in order to explore new forms of desire, love and sensuality. It seeks to free bodies and recharge the libido. This is an event of love that offers the possibility of thinking about another destiny and possible ways of counteracting the local reality.

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Photos by Athanasios Gatos.
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